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Pleasing our customer is always first for us

We build our business on satisfying customers each and every day.

Customer Focus

We strive for one hundred percent customer satisfaction and believe that it should be tangible and measurable. We use the following service management tools:

  • Multi-objective service level agreement: an SLA should include metrics for accuracy (on-time pick-up and delivery percentage, sort accuracy and claims percentage); responsiveness (issue response, status updates, and resolution based on severity); and efficiency (documented suggestions for workflow improvements and optimization).
  • Periodic performance reviews: monthly reviews focused on performance against SLA; action items/corrective action plans; and education on new developments within the client and within BeavEx. This should be augmented by biannual executive reviews to review financials, update strategic plans, and discuss new service initiatives.

We manage performance at multiple levels. At the customer level, our approach to service management is built around three concepts:

  • Be the first with the news: our clients pay us to manage transportation, not to be managed by them. It's our responsibility to be the first one with the facts and report it to our customers.
  • Come with a solution: we believe that a problem without a solution is unacceptable. Whenever there is an issue that needs to be discussed, we make it our business to come with one or more solutions to it.
  • Same Day resolution: we provide same day service; the nature of the business requires issues to be resolved on the day that they occur.

Inside BeavEx, each region, district, and terminal has a variety of metrics that they are measured on, including:

  • Delivery timeliness
  • Delivery accuracy
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Financial performance

Operations managers are incented based on performance against these objectives.

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