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BeavEx - When next day isn't good enough.
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Founder's Message

There really is a better way than what you're used to

Reflection is fine, but our organization has always been more about looking forward.

A letter from Mark Tuchmann, Founder & CEO of BeavEx:

Working at my summer job just before graduating from college, I was in a bank moving some furniture, I saw an opportunity. The bank's transportation manager was having trouble with his internal couriers. I thought, "There has to be a better way than this." I met with the manager, submitted a proposal and was awarded a contract. On June 2nd, 1989, with a lot of eagerness, excitement and anticipation on my part, BeavEx had its first customer.

When I think about BeavEx and the success we've had over the years, two things really stand out for me. First and foremost are the people. I've been privileged to be associated with a great group of dedicated individuals who make it happen every day. Most of our senior management and a significant portion of our terminal management team have been together for five years or longer and have seen our company grow nearly tenfold in that time. The hours our people put in, the commitment to our customers and the care they bring to the job is really the "secret" to our success.

The other thing that I believe is significant is that we have a culture where our people believe in doing the right thing because it's the right thing and not just because someone is looking over their shoulder. Our approach is to deal with people in a straightforward, fair, friendly and honest manner. Honesty and integrity are more than just words to us, they represent our core values. After all, your values are really the only thing you have that you can truly call your own. If you're not faithful to your values, then to what are you faithful? Our people have embraced those core values of Honesty, Integrity, Respect and Service. We do our very best to be perfect every day, but when you make over 60,000 service stops a day for your customers across four time zones, sometimes mistakes happen. We encourage our people to be completely honest about any problems and take immediate steps to set things right.

Reflection is fine, but our organization has always been more about looking forward. I've always believed that it's better to lead than to follow, and as I look at the coming new decade, I believe that there is more opportunity for BeavEx to lead our industry than ever before. We continue to invest in our future and are greatly enhancing our ability to serve our customers with a new technology platform. We're launching our new website to better reflect our capabilities and the company we've become. We remain operationally stable and continue to grow our business, not only in our traditional vertical markets, but with new customers in markets that are new to us.

As we grow, we're able to offer ever greater opportunities to our independent contractor partners and encourage an environment of entrepreneurship. All of these things, coupled with several other initiatives, make us stronger and better able to help all of our customers. We've never taken our eye off the ball when it comes to delivering; doing the job well has always been first for us.

That excitement and anticipation I felt in the spring of 1989 has borne out in large part because of the passion and commitment of our people. As we look forward, it is still with as much eagerness and anticipation for the opportunities that exist as we had when we were one employee with one customer. Oh, and that first customer? Yes, we're still servicing them.

To those reading who are our customers and employees, thank you for your trust and your efforts. To those reading who are new to us, I encourage you to check out our new site and give us a call. There really is a better way than what you're used to.

Best regards,

Mark Tuchmann

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