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Securing the last mile of the pharma supply chain

We make sure that patients get their medicine safely and on time.

Pharmaceutical Transportation Solutions by BeavEx

Attention to Detail

Across the United States we deliver the prescription drugs and critical supplies to keep retail, long-term care, and hospital pharmacies well-stocked and able to serve their patients. Our customers rely on us for quick and secure delivery. Each item is tracked electronically and stocked with appropriate care from the first time we encounter it, until it is swiftly delivered.

Investing in Security for the Greater Good

The security of the healthcare supply chain has never been more important than it is right now. As a leading last-mile provider to the pharma industry, we recognize our responsibility to do what we can to secure these items while they are in our possession. We invest in quality facilities: our buildings are large enough to allow inside sort and load out of delivery vehicles and are equipped with CCTV cameras that record to DVRs. We pioneered the use of barcode proof of delivery (POD) scanning/signature capture in the last-mile segment. We are a leader in addressing this issue on a national level, working with wholesale distributors, industry associations and fellow delivery companies to educate our industry on the importance of security within the pharmaceutical supply chain.

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