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Risk Flow

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Mitigating risk starts with sound processes and forward thinking.

Risk Management

Getting it there fast is what we do, but if we can't keep it safe, what's the point? The safety and security of our people and our customer's cargo is part of our formula for success.


Minimizing risk starts with sound processes and forward thinking. We have a standing quality team chaired by our SVP National Operations. Representatives of each major functional area; operations, finance, marketing, IT, customer service, and human resources – sit on the committee. Projects are suggested and then staffed to document "as is" and "to be" states, we then conduct gap analysis, and prioritize changes based on impact and return. Our methodology includes elements of Total Quality Management and Six Sigma practices. We have taken on projects such as data quality and integrity, internal performance measurement and insurance program evaluation.

Continuous improvement is also a major aspect of our risk plan. For instance, we continually look at our facilities, ensuring they are centrally located for efficiency and safety and are equipped with state of the art alarm and video surveillance systems. We have also instituted several operational programs as part of our plan.

Sound contracting policies are another pillar of our risk mitigation strategy. Our owner-operator drivers go through extensive background checks and drug screening prior to contracting with BeavEx.

Customer Process Reviews


One important way we manage risk is through the customer review process. At our customer's request, the owner-operator drivers participate in a review of procedures. We work with our customers and our owner-operator partners to ensure customer procedures regarding manifesting, identification, safety and chain of custody are followed. For example, owner-operator drivers are reviewed in a 15-point vehicle inspection at the customer's request to verify that their vehicle is safe. You can be confident that the individual entering your establishment represents BeavEx and your cargo is carried safely.

Cargo Security

Caged Vehicles:
Caged Vehicle

Cargo security and chain of custody are obvious elements of risk management. By using strong boxes and caged vehicles, BeavEx takes the extra step in preventing smash and grab theft or damage to our customer's property.


Dual Custody Routes

We institute dual custody routes when the nature of the cargo calls for it to be attended at all times or aspects of the route's geography demand it.

Dual Custody

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