Why Should I Use BeavEx?
Experience, national coverage and unbeatable pricing. Every day we prove we have the scale and the skill to meet the demanding requirements of national clients.

What’s Your Reach?
Our network includes more than 80 facilities in 38 states and over 4,000 owner-operator drivers. This robust network can reach over 77% of the U.S. population for same-day delivery, and more than 97% for next-day delivery. In addition, we pride ourselves in quickly ramping up new facilities in new areas to support our customers. We’re agile and will support any geographical region in the US or Canada.

What About Security?
It starts with how we vet our drivers, extends to the physical security of our facilities and includes the care with which we transport every package. We offer state-of-the-art procedures and align with TSA requirements. Additionally, in the event of a loss, we are covered by Lloyd’s of London. Every year we undergo two third-party security audits with agents testing our physical security.

What About Overall Risk Management?
Unlike many transportation logistics companies, our aim is to take as much operational risk as possible off your plate, including, if desired, the risk that comes with fleet management and fleet outsourcing solutions. It’s not just about shipping services and last mile delivery at BeavEx.

Our goal is to emphasize prevention and best practices. We’ll develop a pre-deployment plan that anticipates and works to prevent trouble, thus reducing your business risk as well as potential liability.

Recognizing that cargo security and chain of custody are integral to risk management, we employ strongboxes and caged vehicles to prevent smash-and-grab theft or damage. If the nature of the cargo calls for it, we can institute dual-custody routes when needed, ensuring cargo is attended at all times.

What About Reducing Business Risk?
With products getting where they need to go on time and undamaged, you’ll reduce risk to your customer relationships. Additionally, by recognizing revenues more quickly and reducing costs, you’ll be reducing risk to your bottom line.

In addition, we utilize a team experienced in addressing the specimen integrity, OSHA, exposure control, biohazard, patient confidentiality and HIPAA compliance requirements of medical and veterinarian lab specimen transportation.

What Services are You Unable to Provide?
We don’t transport people, cash or most food products, though we do distribute and transport beverages.

Do You Use Agents or Third Parties?
To most efficiently provide cost-effective service throughout all 50 states, we contract with trained, vetted professional owner-operator drivers. Our approach is simple: We are responsible for service quality. Thus, work in the custody of a driver is work in OUR custody. We are responsible for service integrity and any losses/issues that may occur in the performance of the route. Our driver’s actions are our actions.

Do You Only Deploy Passenger Cars?
We offer a broad range of vehicle options, from passenger vehicles for small package delivery to tractor-trailers.

What Kind of Performance Reporting Do You Provide?
We offer a variety of ways to receive performance data, including:

  • Our state-of-the-art Analytics Dashboard, which is included in our Customer Portal “OneHub” (https://onehub.beavex.com);
  • Our real-time Operations Dashboard, which is also included in OneHub. Our Operations Dashboard allows you to monitor deliveries and view eSignatures in realtime as they occur throughout the day.
  • Custom reports that we can develop and tailor to your business requirements.