Flexible Capacity: Advantages of an Owner-Operator Model

Flexible Capacity: Advantages of an Owner-Operator Model2017-02-22T16:58:01+00:00

We utilize a coast-to-coast network of nearly 6,000 owner-operator drivers. All our drivers understand what it means to be customer focused and all owner-operator vehicles are equipped with security and environmental systems appropriate for whatever you are shipping. Every driver undergoes rigorous background checks.

Drivers may, on request, participate in a review of customer procedures regarding manifesting, identification, safety and chain of custody.

Our main expectation of our owner operators is that they represent themselves with a high degree of integrity and interact with our customers in a professional manner. We expect them to treat their work and their deliveries as if they were handling their own personal property – and they do. Need to move your packages? The BeavEx network of owner-operator drivers are prepared to deliver!