We understand we have to keep the cargo and stakeholders safe, but risk is a bigger challenge. Our Operational Excellence team focuses on quality and continual process improvement, and is chaired by a Senior Vice President. The team is composed of representatives from operations, finance, marketing, IT, customer service, and human resources. After projects are documented regarding their “as is” and desired “to be” states, we conduct a gap analysis and prioritize changes based on impact and return. Our methodology includes elements of Total Quality Management and Six Sigma practices.

We’ve taken on projects covering data quality and integrity, internal performance measurement and insurance programs. We also continually look at our facilities, ensuring they are centrally located for efficiency and safety and are equipped with state-of-the art alarm and video surveillance systems.

Sound contracting policies are another pillar of our risk mitigation strategy. Our owner-operator drivers go through extensive background checks and drug screening prior to contracting with BeavEx. We also manage risk through the customer review process.