Technology is in the process of revolutionizing the logistics industry. That’s why Beavex is constantly investing in both Customer-facing and Driver Technology to keep us ahead of the competition. We’re passionate about creating user-friendly solutions that both increase our customers’ supply chain visibility as well as maximize our drivers’ efficiency.

Our Customer Portal “OneHub” provides an Analytics Dashboard that is unmatched in the final mile delivery space. Via our Analytics Dashboard, customers can view a wide variety of Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s), 24 hours a day. Then with the click of a mouse, they can download the data for each KPI.

In addition, OneHub’s real time dashboard operates like a Control Tower for our customers. Via the real time dashboard, customers watch as stops complete and e-Signatures are collected. While the focus is on real time, we also keep historical data online for 5 years. That way, customers have historical data at their fingertips when they need it.

Our industry-leading Analytics Dashboard is available 24x7
and provides a wide variety of Performance Metrics.

Beavex Customer Portal

Beavex drivers use a state-of-the art
mobile app to stay connected to
our Operations System. Data
such as e-Signatures collected on the
driver’s device are immediately
available to customers through our portal.

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